Hi, I'm Deo (and Fleur)

Female 12 years old Domestic Short Hair

About Me

Hello my name is Deo and I am a 12 year old female. I am looking for a home with my friend Fleur. We have been here for a couple of months now and we tend to be overlooked because of our age, which is a real shame as we are both such friendly and loving girls. We both adore lots of fuss. I am quite a confident girl and love a fuss and lots of attention. I do need a bit of help with grooming as although I am shorthaired, I only have two teeth left and find it difficult to keep my coat in good order. I do love to be brushed however, so that makes it nice and easy. We could possibly live with a friendly dog and may be okay with older children. Do you have the purrfect home for us? Love Deo (and Fleur) xx

Care for a Cat

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As the owner you are responsible for providing everything your cat needs to keep them healthy and happy: 

·         Companionship - Cats can be quite independent, however many also like to be petted and stroked daily. Some cats are happy around other cats as long as they have their own place to eat and sleep. 

·         Physical exercise - Access to outside is very important for cats. Introduce outside time slowly once your cat is familiar with your home.

·         Mental Stimulation - Activity that keeps their mind busy / toys / scratching posts / training. Cats also love to hunt, so don't be surprised if they bring you 'presents'. 

·         A healthy diet - Normally two meals a day of the food type and quantity appropriate. Access to clean, fresh water. 

·         Veterinary care - When needed. Annual health check.  

·         Comfortable environment - Not too cold, hot, draughty or damp. Your cat will find her favourite places to sleep! Provide a litter tray where appropriate. 

·         Respect of their needs - Especially ensure children know how to behave around cats to help them build a lasting friendship.

Each cat has specific needs, depending on its age, breed and type. For more info on caring for your cat please order our free pet care guide here: Pet Care Guide

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