Tortoise Smaller


Would you like to learn more about these exotic and interesting creatures?

We have a colony of nearly 30 Tortoises, including our OAP resident, who is more than 100 years old. We also have more than 30 Terrapins of various shapes and sizes.

Could you offer some of your time on a regular basis to get to know our "Chelonians" (i.e. tortoise and terrapins)? You might be feeding, cleaning and/or helping to enrich their environment. These are fascinating creatures who love feeding time, basking in the sun and can move rather faster than you might expect!


• Interested in working with Tortoises and/or Terrapins
• Aged 18 years or above
• Able to get to Raystede under your own steam

This is a flexible role and we are are keen to accomodate volunteers availability where possible. This role can be shared with other volunteers.



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