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Reserved Ben


I’m Ben, a lovely 9 and a half year old male Springer Spaniel. I am a really friendly dog who enjoys my walks with my doggie pals, playing, having a fuss and being loved! I like children and could potentially be cat tested. I would like a calm home to enjoy my twilight years. Sadly I have some medical conditions that are currently under veterinary care including severe ear infections, collapsing trachea, degeneration of my spine and lumps that are being investigated. I am a happy dog and still enjoy life, really hope to be ready to find a new home soon.



I am a new arrival awaiting assessment, further information to follow. I am a 7 year old male jack russell terrier.

Reserved Blu


My name is Blu and I am a 2 year old female Husky (3/4) x Malamute (1/4). I’d make a great companion if you’re training for a marathon!! I need a home that can provide me with the level of activity I need, I love to run and have a busy mind ! I will need training too and potential adopters should research my breed type well to ensure they can provide for my needs and understand my character. I could maybe live with older children and other dogs would be considered based on personality match. No cats thank you and a secure garden is a must.



I’m Bumble, a cheeky little 4 months old female Mongrel. I’m full of energy and really clever so will need a home able to keep me busy otherwise I could become unhappy and frustrated. My strong character means I can be difficult to handle at times. I’d love to be involved in agility, flyball, trick training, scent work...I love to learn! I am not suited to a family with young children and will need an experienced home able to meet my high level of on-going commitment to training. Dogs and cats in the home would be considered based on personality match.



Hi, I’m Finn, a handsome stripy male Lurcher aged about 8 months. I love to run and play, I need training and will try hard to learn but can be quite boisterous and I have these long gangly legs to control!! I like playing with other dogs as long as they can put up with me and I could live with confident older children that can be involved in my training. No cats thank you!



Hello my names Frankie, and I’m a 5 year old staffy x Labrador. I am very strong and don’t realise my own strength, I am looking for a very active home to join. I am very full on when meeting dogs so need careful introductions, I am looking for a home where I will be the only dog. I could live with a confident cat but children in the home need to be calm and older. Anyone interested in offering me a home would need to have had bull breed experience in the past.



Hello my name is Glover, a very handsome 3 year old male large Lurcher. I am a really big softy and love lots of fuss and attention. I like my doggy friends but no cats please. Children in the home would need to older so they can be involved in my basic training.



Hello my name is Hamish and I am an 8 year old male Collie X. I am a fun loving dog, I really enjoy my walks and chasing balls so would like an active home. I will need training around other dogs, but if they are known to me I am fine. I can live with a confident cat. Children in the home need to be older so they can be involved in my basic training.

Reserved Loki


Hello, I’m Loki, a handsome 4 ½ year old male Husky. I’m friendly and love going running! I prefer dogs that are the same size as me but no cats thank you! I could live with older children and am looking for an active family that will allow me to be involved in adventures and fun with them! Please research my breed type’s character and needs to ensure you can provide the required environment and level of exercise to keep me happy.

Reserved Patch


Hello I’m Patch, a lively 1 year and 8 month year old male medium mongrel. Kennel staff believe I maybe deaf or least partially. As a result of this I can be very unresponsive to sound at times so any new owner must be aware of my needs and to of done their research. What I lack in training I make up for with lots of character and need an active home as I love my walks and fetching a ball in a safe and secure area. Children in the home need to be older so they can involved in my basic training. I have lived with dogs and cats in my previous home too.

Reserved Reggie


Hello my name is Reggie and I’m a 15 month old whippet. I am a fun loving dog and like to run around chasing balls and toys. I love my walks and like playing with my doggy pals. I could live with respectful calm children as well as confident cats.

Reserved Rio


Hello, I’m Rio, a large male Spaniel aged 7 years, though I act like a youngster still!! I am really friendly but can be bouncy and excitable. I am also strong on the lead, always in a hurry to get places! I love going exploring on walks and have lots of energy so like to be busy. I like other dogs and children and could possibly live with a cat.

Reserved Rosie


My name is Rosie and I’m a busy 2 year old female mongrel (small/ medium, maybe Corgi cross?!). I’m a bit of a hunter and like chasing things so will need good control from owners to ensure I don’t get up to mischief!! I’m Ok with other dogs but not cats and children in the home need to be older.



I am a new arrival awaiting assessment, further information to follow. I am a 5 year old female poodle x terrier.



I am a new arrival awaiting assessment, further information to follow. I am a 1 year old male staffy cross.

Reserved Storm


Hello I’m Storm, a lovable 2 year old female Staffie. I am looking for an active, loving home that will look past the stigma attached to my breed type and judge me on the sweet and friendly dog I am. I’m very social with people and like other dogs but sorry no cats please. Children in the home need to be older and respectful of me.


Hello my names Teddy and I am a scruffy 2 year old male terrier mix (Lakeland type??). I am partially sighted and will require eye drops for the rest of my life. I am determined not to let this spoil my enjoyment of life. I have a cheeky, independent character and need a home that will enjoy my terrier personality... I can be stubborn at times too but am adorable with it!! I am not so keen on other dogs due to having poor sight, but i am learning to walk with calm dogs so hopefully this can be worked on with time and patience. I become defensive to protect myself as I cannot tell if they are friendly or not. I’m not suited to live with cats or small furries, I have the terrier desire to hunt! I need an adult only home that has researched my breed type and understands my needs, also that can provide plenty of squeaky toys as they are my favourite!!



I am a new arrival awaiting assessment, further information to follow. I am a 7 year old female jack russell terrier.



My name is Whizbit and I am a 4 year old male Lurcher (medium). I can be a little shy at first when meeting people but quickly make friends, love cuddles and playing with tennis balls! I am generally social with other dogs but not cats, I like to chase small furries! I get really worried when left alone and need a more experienced home that is able to work on my training and have researched my breed type. I’m a handsome little Lurcher who has had a tough time previously but I can offer you my devotion and will be a great walking companion.

Each year we receive some 1500 new animals at Raystede. For many of them what they most need is a loving home where they can make a fresh start. When we rehome an animal, our job is a bit like a dating agency, finding the best match between each animal and their possible future owner.

Every animal has different characteristics and habits which may or may not fit with your home life. That is why at Raystede we take such special care to get to know every animal before rehoming.

For example, for our dogs we use a traffic light system which gives valuable information about the needs of each dog, both to our visitors and volunteers. Only then does the matchmaking begin!

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