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Foster Carers

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Petlink-serviceBenefits of being a foster carer

  • You can have the pleasure of caring for a pet without a lifelong commitment
  • There is little or no cost as Raystede provides all equipment, food and vet care
  • It can give any existing pets you may have a temporary playmate.
  • You will be helping pets and families

Requirements for being a pet foster carer

You need to:

  • be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • be experienced in caring for animals
  • be patient and committed  and have a love of animals
  • not leave a dog for more than four hours. We are also unable to accept applications from people working as pet sitters/dog walkers/dog breeders or childminders.
  • be able to commit to a foster scheme for an agreed length of time and in the case of PetLink, a minimum of six months
  • be able to transport a pet to the vets in an emergency – by private car or taxi
  • be able to contact our Project Manager immediately if there are any problems regarding the pet’s health or if there is any change in your personal circumstances.
  • give us four weeks notice of any holiday, so we can arrange alternative care for your foster pet


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